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Best Transports in Singapore That You Can Use For Your Daily Transportation

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Whether you are in Singapore for a business trip or on holiday, it is important that you consider hiring one of the best transports in Singapore to take you around the city. There are numerous transport options available here, and the choices can become quite overwhelming. Ultimately, your choice should be dependent upon your preferences as well as the time of year you are visiting. When you go to Singapore for business, it is highly likely that you will be in need of an airport transfer service that will take you to the main business district. However, there are other options for you as well, including the following:

Tram Or Bus

You can also opt to take a tram or bus ride to Sentosa, which is just north of the city center and about halfway along the East Coast Road. These are great for tourists who do not have much time to navigate the complex streets of the city center. The journey is free and you can arrive in no time at the Sentosa International Airport.

Car Rentals

If you are visiting from Australia, there is also the option of taking a car rental from the Comfort+ office in the wee hours of the morning. While this may seem like the cheapest option, it is also the quickest way to get around the city. Of course, this also means that you cannot plan too much sightseeing during your trip to Singapore unless you are open to taking a couple of hours’ drive to some of the more out-of-the-way locales in the area. Still, these are certainly good value for money and will give you the chance to see the region up close. There are many beautiful sites to be seen in Sentosa alone.

Other good airport transfer options include buses and minibusses. Buses make it easy to move between the different areas of the island, even if you want to walk. While minibusses tend to be the best option for transferring between the island’s major districts, they can be expensive. For example, a one-way trip on the cheapest service can easily cost you $8, whereas a return bus can cost much more. The best part is that a number of buses make their way through the Sentosa airport daily, which will ensure that you can easily pick one that will drop you off at your destination.


Taxis are another excellent option for those looking for the best means of transport in Singapore. Taxis here are extremely affordable and reliable, especially for those looking for an inexpensive and reliable means of transfer. Taxis here can also help you reach the more remote areas of the city, so if you are coming from a different part of the country, you do not have to worry about connecting via a taxi or bus. There are also several parking facilities available for those looking to drive around the city using only their own vehicle. For those who prefer to drive, there are also separate car parks at the airport, allowing you to drive around the airport terminal with ease.

Luxury Limousines

If you are looking for something more luxurious and comfortable than any of the other options listed above, you can also go for limousines and minibusses. Limousines are very popular among the rich and famous, but they can also fit in well for business trips and other official visits. Taxis and minibusses are also a great choice if you want to go for a more romantic trip, as many of these cars come with all the comforts of home, including televisions, DVD players and other facilities.

Buses are perhaps the best means of transferring in Singapore, as they provide good connectivity to all the important districts of the city. Buses are also inexpensive, convenient, and fast, while at the same time being environmentally friendly. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when going for a bus transfer. Buses are often very crowded at certain times of the day, so you may want to avoid them during the weekends (when most bus services stop running) and in the evenings. You should also try and arrive early to avoid the long queues, which can get quite long at times.

Auto Rickshaws

Auto rickshaws are another great means of transportation, as they are relatively cheap and convenient, but can only be used for single passengers. The best time to use an auto-rickshaw is in the morning or evening when the demand for taxis and buses is significantly lower. However, if you have more than one passenger, it might not be the best transfer option for you, as the charges can sometimes become high. If you intend to take public transport, you should ensure that the service you choose offers you the easiest way to get to your destination, as different bus, train, and ferry terminals are widely varied in terms of both proximities to various parts of the city as well as inaccessibility. The best transfers in Singapore will offer you a complete transport network, allowing you to move between places with ease and comfort.